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Bruce Naylor Award

Recipient of the 2023 Bruce Naylor Award

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The Bruce Naylor Award is named in honour of Dr. Bruce Naylor, founding ANHMC President, to recognize significant contributions to the study of natural history in Canada.



The Bruce Naylor Award is intended to:

  • Recognize exceptional contributions to museum-based natural history in Canada
  • Increase awareness of the field of natural history across the country
  • Encourage high standards of excellence in Canadian natural history museums



This award is given for achievements of local, provincial or national significance by an individual involved in the natural history field in Canada through distinctive leadership, publications or other remarkable and relevant endeavours.



Award winners are not required to be members of the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada. Recipients may be asked to make one to three presentations at ANHMC institutions within one year of receipt of the award. Posthumous nominations are not eligible. No current members of the ANHMC Board of Directors or the Awards Committee are eligible in the year of service.


To be eligible for the Award, the contribution must:

  • Serve as an example to others working in the field of natural history
  • Stand out as being exceptional in a particular area of work



  • Each nomination must be supported and signed by at least (3) persons, two (2) of which may be affiliated with the institution of the nominee
  • All nominations will be received in confidence
  • Nominations will remain on file and may be considered in the following year's call for nominations.


Support Material

  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a completed Nomination Form
  • Supporting evidence should consist of a concise description of the work and relevant achievements of the nominee
  • Sufficient detail should be provided to assist members of the Awards Committee who may not know the nominee or his/her contributions to the field of natural history